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Placing sound absorbers


In the image below you can see a listening room and some examples of where to put the sound absorbers.

SuperChunk is found behind the speakers (purple) and SuperChunk Corner (ice blue) in any corner in the room. Which corner(s) you choose is not important this low frequen- cies are omnidirec nal and can be fought using any corner in a normal room, may it be in a corner between oor/wall or wall/wall or wall/ceiling. So basically place them wherever you nd they look the best or where you have the best space for them. However: the so called tri-corners are more e ec ve
on low frequencies. A tri-corner is where three surfaces meet, such as the corner where the floor meets a wall and a wall.

These are the rst-hand re ec ons and are treated with Hertz, which is the (pink) panels. finding the best place to hang these are also very easy and can be done using the mirror method.