Niklas from Uppsala

Niklas chose a big eagle from our database and we printed it over a 120*120 Hertz sound absorber. He also added a matching black 60*120 underneath. But where are the light effects you were thinking about in between, Niklas? 🙂

The rest of Niklas´s system consists of:
Center speakers: Monitor Audio Platinum PLC350
Speakers: Monitor Audio Platinum PL300
Surround speakers: Monitor Audio Silver RSFX / Definitive Technology SR8080BP
TV: LG 60PZ950W
Projector: JVC DLA-X30
Surround amplifier: Integra DHC-80.2
Amplifier: Nuforce MCH-300SEC7
Sub base: Procella Audio P15
Blu-Ray: Oppo BDP-93 NuForce Edition

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