Perfect Sense

 In December 2016, Sounds of Science was contacted to build a listening room in the absolute top class.
Perfect Sense, a retailer focused on working with the best in Hifi.

Marcus, who runs Perfect Sense, had a clear vision of what he wanted to accomplish in sound, aesthetics and design.

“The goal is to create an unusually attractive and inspiring environment for music listening and personal meetings”

After several rounds of sketches and design proposals, the building was started. The house has a special history and the room is a former fire truck garage. High ceilings and about 70 sqm large.

As the depth of installation that could be used was limited, special solutions were required.
The walls were layered and were given different functions for different frequency ranges. Virtually all of the acoustic toolbox was used. Porous absorbents, diaphragm, Helmholtz and scattering elements. One of the most extreme solutions was the bass absorbers to handle the lowest base of only 20cm of depth.

The room was opened during April 2017. Welcome to enjoy the highest level of performance!

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