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Sounds Of Science - SOFSCI - 8 pcs of 50*100 with lilac medow motif.

More info about how to create a better acoustic environment in:

•Open Offices, restaurants, hospitals, museums, hotel lounges, shopping centers and any other space that many people share which has multiple sound sources and usually very echoic.
HiFi and Home Cinema listening rooms.

Welcome to the SOFSCI Tech Info pages

No one claims that understanding sound and sound absorption is necessarily an easy task. But it is far from a difficult one to learn the basics, while also being very valuable. Hence we have put much effort into the Technical Info part of this site and we hope that  you and your acoustic environment will benefit from this. Use the menus above or the links below..


Start understanding more by viewing the SOFSCI animation.


Afterwards, should you wish to go more in-depth then please read our general acoustic info.  


When this is done we are sure you want to know more about what material our panels are made out of.