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SOFSCI SoundSweeper Acoustic Measurement Kit

This product is discontinued due to changes in our business model. For those who already got one: we congratulate you and if you wish to buy one we suggest the second hand market. Should you need support we naturally will provide it. We also got calibration files and such stored for each and every kit we´ve ever sold, should you need to retrieve it.

Finally a professional acoustic measurement kit for a reasonable price! Just as with sound absorbers we at Sounds Of Science thought it was high time to produce and sell something really good without an excessive price. So now after almost a year of R&D regarding microphones, calibration methods, pre-amplifiers, soundcards and so on we are proud to present the SOFSCI SoundSweeper.

Now shipping Revision 2 that has the same functionality but with the added benefit of drivers for OSX (Mac).

SOFSCI SoundSweeper is a complete acoustic measurement kit that can be used to both analyse your listening room and your speakers. It contains the following:
  • Modified Miditech Guitarface II soundcard and pre-amplifier 
  • USB cable
  • Individually numbered microfone based on an omnidirectional  electret microfone capsule (ECM capsule), with a goldplated contact. Each microphone is also delivered with an individual calibration file for use together with REW or similar software. The calibration is not only made against a 1:st grade lab microphone but also using the actual hardware configuration it is delivered with.
  • 2  male to male RCA cables with goldplated contacts
  • 1  female to male RCA cable with goldplated contact
  • 4  RCA to mono 6.5mm TRS adaptors
  • Installation and user manual - including step by step instructions how to set it up for measurements with Room EQ Wizard (REW).
  • Also included: Magix Samplitude SE and IK Multimedia Amplitube 2 Duo (we get this software when we purchase the soundcard so why not forward it to you).

Things not included:

  • Tripod for the microphone - we thought that if you already own one such device then it is a bit unnecessary to pay for another. But should you not have one then we have a real bargain for you here - from the German manufacturer Hama and possibly for the lowest price on the market.
  • Multicoloured and expensive box – the product is delivered in a brown and cheap box. Instead of spending development money on the box we´ve spent it where it matters, on product quality.