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SOFSCI Damping Feet

For damping the vibrations to and from the speakers. Damping feet in general must be the most overprized thing you can find and we just had to do something about it. Now, manufacturers might tell you that you need some special rubber material or whatever that only they can produce but that is pure sales talk. Let´s take a look at what damping feet are supposed to do:

  • Make the speaker stand as stable as possible so the speaker itself moves as little as possible, thus helping sound to release itself easier from it.
  • Reduce the vibrations from the speaker into the surface below, thus minimizing the amount of vibrations going into your neighbours place.

So really... what do we need to make this happen, how difficult can it be? Well, we need something soft enough to be effective against vibrations, while it is also hard enough not to be compressed by the heavy speakers over time. Something hard that has open pores and where the material is still soft enough to act like lots of small springs.

Enter Sounds Of Science polyester: 100% polyester that is heated and pressed until it has the right density. Perfect for the task and a lot cheaper than the abnormally expensive damping feet you may find in your local HiFi store. They are 5 times 25 centimetres and 1 cm thick and if  you got a smaller speaker you can cut them with a sharp knife. A thumb of rule is that roughly 1cm2 per kilo speaker is enough. These parts can be placed like a triangle, with two parts in the front and one in the back of the speaker/sub.

Sold 2 per "box"Small shipping