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We use fixed prices for shipping, which means that you pay the same no matter how much your order contains. Since the SOFSCI sound absorption panels are made to make a difference they are quite heavy so below prices does not reflect the real cost of shipping.
Sounds Of Science - SOFSCI - Shipping

We use either DPD or Schenker, depending on the size. Our larger sizes (120*120/100*150/120*180) are shipped with Schenker and the receive must be on site when the shipment arrives. This is the reason for the larger sizes not being on sale directly through the web shop - we want to make sure that the above is communicated. 

The package(s) will be shipped directly to your home/office and if you are not at home / on site they will be taken to  your closest Post Office for pick-up.

When we ship the packages we will also send you an e-mail containing your shipment ID and other necessary information.

Examples of shipping time:

Finland: 2-3 business days
Sweden: 4-5 business days

• Shipping to Sweden, Finland and the Baltics (except Estonia): 27 EUR for big things and 5 EUR for smaller things. And if you order big and small things together the shipping cost never exceeds 27 EUR. 

 Finland: For sales to Finland please contact Tur-Pex

 Norway: For sales to Norway please contact Andervik Audio




PLitet paketroducts that are marked with this symbol are considered to be "small" and therefore the shipping costs less, if ordered seperately.

Free shipping within the EUNOW OFFERING FREE SHIPPING

on orders over 500€ (incl VAT) from Sounds of Science