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SuperChunk Corner Backlight

Since the SuperChunk Corner does not fill all of the corner you can easily hide cables and stuff behind it but also put downlight or uplight behind it, as in this image, creating a very nice source of illumination.

SuperChunk Corner

Sounds Of Science has done it again: Delivering yet another truly revolutionary product. We are not sure where to begin or which feature is the most amazing so let´s just list the most fascinating stuff in bullets below:

  • Massive effectiveness on 50 Hz and below. Measured and certified at an internationally leading research institute in Sweden.
  • 100% organic and no nasty stuff like glue and mineral wool in your listening room where you will spend even more time after having made an acoustic upgrade like this.
  • With the mounting system it can be placed in any corner, may it be floor/wall, wall/wall or wall/ceiling.
  • Does not go all the way into the corner and hence you can hide cables and/or put backlight behind it.
  • Can be printed so that it can be customized to either blend in or lift any interior.

Sounds of Science - SOFSCI - 100% recyclableSuperChunk Corner is made out of 100% totally organic wood fibre. No glue is used neither in the materials nor in the assembly process itself, which makes it very easy to recycle. Read more about the materials that we use by clicking on the green icon.

Printed SCC

              (The above is from Erkki´s cozy Home Cinema - click for larger image)

SuperChunk Corner dimensions from behind


The product measures 100 cm in height and the face is 60 cm wide. For other dimensions please click on the images to the right and left of this text in order to see larger images.







Sounds Of Science´s sound absorbers are all developed together with, as well as tested and certified by, a leading international research institute and accredited lab in Sweden called SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.
(Test protocol PX15157-07, dated August 31, 2011)

SuperChunk Corner can be bought through our gallery. It works so that first you will search for an image and when an image is chosen you will be taken to the page where you can make setup choices and also find prices.

SuperChunk Corner effectiveness chart

This panel is highly effective for conference rooms, open offices, restaurants, schools and any environment where you need to have a good sound environment. Also perfect for limiting first-hand reflections in your HiFi or Home Cinema room.

This panel is for HiFi-listening and Home Cinema environments when there is a need to absorb a broad range of frequencies without focusing solely on the high frequencies. One typical use for these is behind the HiFi speakers in order to avoid echoes from the wall to disturb the speaker and to absorb firsthand reflections as the product is engineered to focus on the frequencies that are on the lower end of the direct frequency scale.