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New sound absorbers released!!

New sound absorbers released!!

New amazing products and new sizes are now available. What we´ve focused on is the following:


Make the products and what they should be used for easier to understand and in doing so we´ve removed two products and added one. This is the line-up:

  • Hertz: For offices, restaurants, firsthand reflections and similar.
  • SuperChunk: For a broad range of frequencies to be used especially between the speakers and the back wall.
  • SuperChunk Corner: Against those really low frequencies. What about an absorption coefficient of 0.52 on 50 Hz, eh?


Make the sound absorber sizes larger and cheaper. We´ve managed to find new ways for shipping which allows us to do larger sizes, while still being able to ship them all over the world, so the average size of a panel has increased with 50% and the price has decreased with roughly 20%.


Find and test new organic materials and we are proud to say that the SOFSCI products are now (to the best of our knowledge) the most environmentally friendly in the industry.

Please do take a look around and drop us a line at if you find anything weird or have any questions or similar.

//The SOFSCI Team