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With every mounting system we also ship screws and plugs for Your convenience.

SOFSCI wall mounting system

Not much to say really. One half goes on the wall and the other half goes on the back of the panel. Very easy to use and gives you 2.5 centimetres of air between the panel and the wall.

Naturally also made out of 100% wood and therefore totally organic and easily recycable.

The aim of the whole project has been to make things as simple as possible, both for us and for You. Therefore there is no need any fancy mounting systems or similar.Sounds Of Science - SOFSCI - NAIM exhibition

This is heavy duty stuff - made out of 2 mm thick black iron nothing can break this puppy. Use it to mount the SOFSCI SuperChunk Corner in any corner you wish. For the corner between the wall and the ceiling we do recommend you to use two of them  - not because they will break but because of stability when hanging straight down from the ceiling.

Naturally also easily recycable since it is pure metal.