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40*120 is not in stock

Due to the fact that we have had more orders than anticipated of the 40*120 panels we have simply run out of them (or rather, the raw material for making them) for the time being. This is of course a pleasant surprise for us but an inconvenience for our customers and for this we are deeply sorry. We expect a couple of weeks before we have new ones in-house. The other sizes are still in stock, however, and this is a lesson learned for the future.

Sound studio lectern

SOFSCI sound absorber as Sound studio lectern

Dampening feet

Sounds of Science shock absorbing damping feet for loundspeakers


3 pieces SOFSCI Hertz 50*100 sound absorbers

A blog is born!!

And now the blog is in place. Here we will announce new things and products, as well as discuss things that does not fit anywhere else. In order to salubrate the birth we will make two sweet announcements of which the first is here:

We have now released a movie showing the secret behind the SOFSCI sound absorbers. Why are these panels so effective? Well, watch it and find out for yourself   cheeky


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