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Sound absorbing artwork - Mattias in Tranås



When Mattias wanted to improve his room acoustics the choice fell on our sound absorbing wall art, the Hertz model, with images from our database. The result was very successful, both from a beauty and an acoustical perspective. With his own words:

“Impression: From a purely esthetical point of view I think that the images turned out real good! Discreet and elegant in their simplicity! The craftsmanship is of good quality and the wall mounts are really easy to use! When it comes to the audio it has really improved. The echo that I had before has been noticeably reduced and the base is more focused now. An incredibly smooth combination of esthetics and practical usability regarding audio. I might order more of them! I can absolutely recommend others to buy this. I can also add that the customer service probably is the best I have ever experienced – and I buy a lot over the Internet!”


The rest of Mattias system concists of:

Speakers: Audiovector Mi3 Super
Sub: Audiovector K-sub Super
Amplifier: Vincent SV-233
TV: Sony Bravia KDL40EX500
DVD: Pioneer DV-380
Computer: Asus S400CA-CA006H +4Gb RAM


Do click on the images in order to enlarge them  : )