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SOFSCI Room dividerSOFSCI Room dividerSOFSCI Room dividerSOFSCI Room divider

Room divider / Floor Screen "AcousticArt Supreme"

When we decided to design our floor screen / room divider, our ultimate goals were:

  • The floor screen should meet the A-class requirements
  • The floor screen should in no circumstances have a hard core inside the product. A hard core would prevent the sound to be absorbed as instead the sound passes a thin layer, meets the hard core and bounces back to where it came from.
  • The floor screen should, however, be stable and solid.
  • The floor screen should have different exterior possibilities, e.g. different prints on both sides.

After a long development process and many prototypes, we have now succeeded with the above!


SOFSCI AcousticArt Supreme - The room divider for you who wants only the best and the option to personalize it!

  • Tested by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden and meeting the A-class standard
  • The feet and side clamps of the floor screen are available in grey, white and black colour (the colours may also be combined on the same product).
  • The floor stand is easy to mount – the only thing you need is a hex key (enclosed in the package).
  • We use our branch leading sublimation print and it is possible to have different prints on both sides.
  • The floor stand is available in two sizes: 100*150 and 120*180

AcousticArt Supreme room divider can be fitted with all of our exteriors, including your own print or print from our database.

Contact us for advice regarding images, prices and so on! How do you want your Acoustic Art Supreme?