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5 easy steps to better acoustics

5 easy steps to better acoustics


Checklists are always good to have so here are five easy (and cheap) steps to better acoustics:

  1. Speaker Positioning: This is the first thing you should take a look at and experiment with.
  2. Low frequencies: Treat these first and hear more of your speakers and less of your room. Here´s where to place them.
  3. High and mid frequencies: First-hand reflections. There are good and there are bad reflections. The first are the worst and here´s how to find them.
  4. Between back wall and speaker: Your speakers are too close to the back wall and you can not move them out? Here is how to place SuperChunks between the speaker and the back wall.
  5. Dampening feet: Have you seen those awfully overpriced things in your local HiFi store and wondered why they are so expensive? Well, learn more about why sales talk and incredible margins goes hand in hand.

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